About Dom Calvani

Born in Denver, I moved to Brazil at the age of 7 with my mom and siblings and was raised in a small town on the outskirts of Brazil’s capital, Brasília, where I grew up with a very simple and typical Brazilian life, completely immersed in Brazilian culture. Soccer and martial arts were a huge part of my upbringing as would be expected.

At the age of 18 I returned to my hometown of Denver for college. While pursuing a degree in computer science and working in the field as a software engineer and business consultant, I had the experience of living in multiple different states and countries, including Northern California, Southern California, Germany and Chicago. Moving to Miami brought a lot of changes for myself, eventually leading me into the modeling and entertainment roles most of you know probably know me for.

As an avid traveler and skydiver, I love getting to see new parts of the world, experiencing new cultures, jumping out of planes, meditating, and going on occasional psychedelic journey to explore the deep crevasses of my mind and the universe.

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